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Our body sealing systems add value to your vehicles

From the initial meeting between our team and yours, up to the testing of our weatherstrip systems on the road, we have put a robust process in place, throughout which every detail is taken into consideration. Our objective: to help you make your vehicles the highest performers, in terms of comfort, by way of optimal insulation from the outside elements, as well as smooth opening and closing of doors and windows.

Body sealing system developed in line with your needs

We set ourselves apart with our customer-focused approach. We do much more than produce weatherstrip systems for your vehicles: we design body sealing systems that are perfectly custom-fit to the vehicles you build.

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Our Process, a Source of Flawless Quality

Our team stands out for its ability to develop products that match your needs. Designing customized weatherstrip systems, formulating perfectly compatible materials, and developing specific production processes are a few of our strengths. By controlling each step in the production flow of our weatherstrip seals, we can assure you of flawless quality.


Design: 100% Custom-made Body Sealing Systems

We do more than design to print; we engineer weatherstrip systems specifically for your vehicle. Our team works closely with your engineers to properly understand your expectations in terms of performance, functionality, and quality.


Development: Turnkey, Personalized Service

We are known for the quality of communication and partnership between our team and yours. Throughout the lifecycle, members of our team are dedicated to your project. In the development phase for your vehicle, we verify that the product matches your needs, to ensure we have a successful mass production launch.


Quality: Partnership and Precision

Throughout the process, our quality engineers coordinate several activities between you and our laboratory, metrology, and production services. This thorough monitoring, our team's expertise in supporting automotive manufacturers in the testing phases, and the strong capabilities of our laboratories will ensure the flawless quality of the weatherstrip seals we design and produce for you.


MED: In Control, Throughout the Process

One of our strengths lies in the high capability and extreme precision of our in-house laboratories for conducting the necessary tests to confirm every aspect of the quality of your weatherstrip system's appearance, durability, functionality, and other physical properties. In addition, we are affiliated with outside laboratories, and we partner with specialized training centres and universities.


Engineering: Aiming for Perfection

The expertise of our various engineering departments is put to use throughout the development and production of your vehicle weatherstrip systems; from the manufacture of prototype samples, all the way through to mass production. Tooling, processes, technologies: everything is optimized to provide you with a quality product, perfectly custom-fit to your requirements, and in the quantities needed.


Production and Logistics: Respecting our Commitments

Waterville TG differentiates itself through its ability to deliver your quality weatherstrip systems in quantity, within established timeframes. Our teams' expertise, combined with careful planning of mass production, and applied in methodical design and testing phases, ensures a smooth and efficient production launch. Our logistics department coordinates the on-time shipping of your products and our customer service is available at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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