Processes Intended to Achieve Quality

Effectiveness and durability of our body sealing systems

We have developed a distinctive expertise which allows us to be in control of our production workflow. In creating the majority of our production tools and making our own materials mixes, we are able to manufacture weatherstrip systems that will meet, and even exceed, all of your specifications and requirements. Whether by extrusion, molding, or a combination of these processes, the weatherstrip seals we manufacture for the various uses on your vehicles are designed to be effective and durable.

Our weatherstrip products gain from our unique formulations

Our products are manufactured from our materials blends, formulated by our experts. They have become masters of the art of aligning raw materials’ various chemical and physical properties to create blends that are compatible with each other, and perfectly adapted to the function for which they have been developed.

The weatherstrip systems we manufacture are robust at the joints, with a superior finish, and added durability. They provide high resistance to abrasion, humidity, and heat.

Our products

Our specialized teams build and maintain the tooling necessary for body sealing systems.

This advanced expertise, unique in our sector of activity, allows us to produce a wide variety of geometries, ensuring that your weatherstrip seals will be perfectly custom-fit to your vehicles. This craftsmanship also allows us to be more flexible as to engineering changes in your weatherstrip systems. Thanks to our teams’ leading-edge experience and knowledge, we are able to optimize the mass production of your weatherstrip systems, and ensure that production is stable, with regard to the quality of the product, and with respect to deliveries.

Personalized services

Our strive for perfection can also be seen in the finish of our weatherstrip systems. Our experts develop coatings based on the physical environment in which they will be installed. Our high-quality coatings allow higher resistance to chemicals products, abrasion, and UV rays, all while eliminating squeaks and adhesion to surrounding surfaces. By controlling each of the parameters in the manufacturing of our products, we can assure you of a consistent quality, part after part.

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