Customized Comfort and Protection

Experts in the manufacture of customized weatherstrip products

Our team has developed strong expertise in the design and manufacture of customized automotive weatherstrip seals. From design optimization of the part in the engineering phase up to its impeccable finish, our engineers provide you support for every detail. That’s why our body sealing systems for vehicles are among the most effective on the market.

High-quality weatherstrip products for optimal comfort

Our team conducts stringent testing in the lab, and on vehicles, to make sure that the weatherstrip seals designed and manufactured for your vehicles will provide optimal comfort to their occupants. Road noise and vibration are greatly reduced, a particularly important feature in electric cars which are equipped with quiet motors.

Our weatherstrip seals contribute considerably to door and window opening and closing interactions, reducing required efforts and impacting resulting sounds, in particular. It is attention to these smallest of seemingly anodyne details, which make people feel so comfortable in your cars.


Water / snow / dust / dirt


Closing / sliding / wind


Squeaks / shaking / rattles / bump

Each vehicle type gets its own body sealing system

Our engineering team carefully designs high-quality body sealing systems, perfectly custom-fit to vehicle type: sedan, wagon, sport utility vehicle (SUV), minivan, convertible, delivery van or pick-up truck. From hood to trunk, and including doors and glasses, vehicle components will be well-protected, without sacrificing appearance.


Weatherstrip for body (Opening Trim)

We have developed advanced expertise in the design and manufacture of body opening trim seals which gracefully complete the interior finish without sacrificing performance. The most stringent durability tests guarantee that our seals offer long-term protection against intrusion (the elements, outside sounds) while minimizing door closing effort. This expertise is particularly important for electric vehicles, when outside noise cannot be muffled down by the sound of the internal combustion engine. The innovative design, unmatched finish, and the superior durability of our opening trim seals make these weatherstrips stand out in the marketplace.


Weatherstrip for hoods

Our weatherstrip seals for hoods are designed to maximize aerodynamics and control airflow into the engine while ensuring optimal protection of mechanical and electrical components. Each section of the hood sealing system (radiator, lamps, fender, cowl) is custom-built in order to fully perform its protective function, while preserving the refined appearance of your vehicle.


Weatherstrip seals for windows

Our weatherstrip seals for glass bring together performance, comfort, and protection, with a finish that will blend with the exterior styling of your vehicle. The glass run channels designed by our team ensure that windows can be opened and closed very smoothly, ensuring their stability and blocking out outside sounds. They are available in plastic (TPV), or rubber (EPDM).


Weatherstrip for doors

Our expertise in weatherstrip seals for doors and sliding doors ensures you get a product that will perform its function optimally as a primary barrier, keeping the passenger compartment waterproof and filtering out vibrations and exterior sounds, while minimizing door closing effort. We also custom-manufacture secondary protection weatherstrips for A-, B-, and C-pillars, rockers, sills, and access panels, providing a superior level of insulation and soundproofing of the passenger compartment.


Weatherstrip for trunks

Whether for an electric car's frunk, a traditional trunk, a liftgate, barn doors or swing gate, our weatherstrip seals will ensure cargo is protected against outside elements such as water or dust. Our expertise in the design and custom-manufacture of weatherstrip systems for trunks ensures optimal protection and smooth interactions with power liftgate opening technologies.


Weatherstrip for roofs

Our team has extensive expertise in the design and manufacture of weatherstrip products of outstanding reliability for vehicles with convertible tops, sliding roofs, or panoramic moonroofs. Our body sealing systems for roofs allow the users of your vehicles to enjoy the contact with nature, without the risks of the inconveniences. We also manufacture custom seals for roof side rails.

Assembly systems perfectly custom-fit to your vehicles

Our weatherstrip solutions for vehicles are designed in accordance with the most appropriate assembly system for the type of car: sedan, family carwagon, sport utility vehicle (SUV), minivan, convertible, delivery van or truck.






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