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From Sponge Rubber Products to Waterville TG

The visionary spirit and daring of our founders has guided our work for more than 70 years. That’s how Waterville TG has become the standard for its expertise in developing customized weatherstrip systems for vehicles, the quality and performance of which are recognized around the world.


Sponge Rubber Products Ltd

The story of our presence in Quebec begins with the construction of our Waterville factory by a Connecticut firm, Sponge Rubber Products Ltd. Three years later, the factory passes into B.F. Goodrich’s hands.



Four local entrepreneurs create Waterville Cellular Products Co. (WCP).


Technical Collaboration Agreement

WCP and the Japanese firm Toyoda Gosei Co. Ltd. sign a technical collaboration agreement. One year later, WCP expands its activities, buying the Coaticook factory.


A Joint Venture

Toyota Gosei and WCP create a joint venture: Waterville TG. Two years later, Toyoda Gosei becomes the sole owner of the Canadian firm.


A Third Factory

A third factory opens, at Petrolia, in Ontario.


Distribution Centre

Construction of a distribution centre in Sherbrooke.

Social Responsability

We are committed to being a responsible citizen.


We make sure to reduce the footprint of our products.

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