Healthier Breathing.

Because we know that being able to truly disconnect from work contributes to our employees’ wellbeing, we have supported amenities that allow you to enjoy the outdoors on a daily basis, and offer you opportunities for maximum relaxation.

Here, our employees enjoy enchanting surroundings, where nature invites calm and contemplation. Here, our goal is your happiness!

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About the
Healthier Breathing program.

  • A nearby river and a park designed with you in mind, so you can enjoy the outdoors and fresh air on your breaks.
  • A discount when you visit Strøm Spa for times when you want the ultimate in relaxation.
  • A subscription to the Calm app, which inspires serenity and relaxation, and leads to restorative sleep.
  • Massage therapy appointments a few times a year to help loosen minor build-ups of muscle tension.
  • Zen-inspired quotes posted throughout the company.
  • Assistance for employees in need of help.

We know that a company’s success lies in the wellbeing of its employees in the workplace. If, like us, you appreciate time to recharge during your work day, our Healthier You program is made for you. Welcome to Waterville TG!

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