Healthier Eating.

A tasty meal that provides all of the nutrition needed to make good use of the work day is what you’ll find at the Waterville TG cafeteria. Because happiness can also be found on your plate!

Healthy box lunches, advice from a nutritionist, weekly organic produce market: we know how to take care of you!

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About the
Healthier Eating program.

  • A cafeteria that offers healthy options: salad bar, affordable nutritionist-approved box lunches.
  • A weekly organic produce stand so you can buy what you need, on-site.
  • Healthy snacks provided to our employees.
  • Access to the Canadian Food Guide in the cafeteria to guide you towards healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Occasional visits from a nutritionist for presentations and health tips to inspire you.

We believe that every little detail counts for a happy, contented team at work. Do you also enjoy finding happiness on your plate at lunch? Our Healthier You program is made for you. Welcome to Waterville TG!

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